Tuesday, 25 March 2014

ToroDev staff and two rural monitors attend a two days training work shop on Financial Literacy

On 18th – 19th March 2014, the Monitoring and Evaluation officer ToroDev Amanya Shila and two advocacy forum members from Katebwa and Mugusu Sub Counties attended a training at Mountains of the Moon University in Kabarole District on Financial Literacy. The training acted as a learning opportunity for ToroDev staff and the project beneficiaries to learn issues related to saving, managing finances, investing wisely, choosing where to get a loan, planning wisely with money, among others. The trained staff would use these skills to train other staffs and other members of Advocacy Forums through physical meetings and on radio.
Uganda's Finance minister, Maria Kiwanuka

During the training, participants were informed about what financial literacy is all about. “Financial literacy is the ability to make appropriate decisions in managing personal finances. To be financially literate, you have to know important things like saving your money, opening an account with financial institutions so that you can save your money, accessing financial services in form of loans and other services in order to grow in business”, said Priscilla Tibbs, lecturer Mountains of the Moon University.

The training also equipped the participants with different skills of managing their finances. “I have attained skills of saving from my earnings, investing and the importance of making budgets”, said Shilla Amanya, the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, ToroDev, “I have acquired skills of record keeping, how to make spending decisions, how to spend wisely, the importance of making investment plans, among others”, said Tibenda Steven, the Secretary of People’s Rights and Forum for Development in Mugusu Sub County, Kabarole District.

Meanwhile, participants also promised to share the attained skills with other local people and leaders in their Sub Counties. “As a leader of Katebwa Advocacy Forum, I shall use the attained skills and knowledge to sensitize other people on issues of financial planning and how the plan can help one to decide on how to achieve more and using money to achieve goals”, said Muhindo Ezra, the Chairperson of Katebwa Advocacy Forum in Katebwa Sub County, Kabarole District.

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