Monday, 24 March 2014

Analyzing the general performance of students from primary level to Ordinary level

On 15th March 2014, panelists appeared on HITS FM to analyze the education sector and the declining performance at Ordinary level, yet a better performance at Primary level. “Our students are performing poorly because of the poor service delivery. During the examinations period, roads become impassable because of the heavy rains which makes students miss their classes and exams. Even the teachers lack concentration because of the poor working conditions like lack of staff quarters”, said Businge John, a teacher of Ibanda University.The panelist was discussing on ToroDev supported live radio accountability program called  ‘Orukurato Program’ that discusses issues of accountability every Saturday (08:00 - 10:00pm).

Uganda's Minister of Education and Sports Jessica Alupo
Other panelists who participated in the live radio discussion included Mr. Willy Kintu Mahogane, a local citizen of Kagote Trading Center and Hon Prosper Businge, the Chairperson LC III of West Division, all in Fort Portal Municipality, Kabarole District.

During the program, Hon Prosper blamed the government for the poor performance of the Ordinary Level ( O Level) of education. “The government has centralized the secondary education system and all the control is in Kampala. This has made it hard for the technocrats at district level to have full control over  the teachers since they are registered and paid from Kampala. There should therefore be amendment of this system in order to realize better performance of the students”.

Hon Prosper went ahead to highlight some of the strategies that should be made by the local citizens to improve education. “We need to form strategies to up lift performance in secondary schools such as collecting funds that can help to motivate teachers and students in hard to reach areas, improve on salary payments, and fight child labour”.

Meanwhile, Mr. Willy blamed parents for the poor performance in schools. “Parents have quit their responsibility of looking after their children and put all their emphasis on working. They have taken children as young as two years to school which later affects their psychology. Some parents have also not been role modals to their children due to their poor habits like drunkenness ,lack of self motivation caused by lack of civilization and leaving the responsibility of education for the government”. 

Local listeners also participated in the live radio discussion through call ins and using the SMS plat form to raise their issues and concerns. “Parents have left the whole responsibility of education to the government”, said Gilbert from Kicwamba, “Government should start providing meals for the students”, said Alex Byaruhanga, “Parents should also get involved in government programs”, said Chance, “Teachers no longer have morale to teach due to the poor payments”, said Omugaya.

The live radio discussion was moderated by Mr. Kasigazi Willy Donanto.

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