Thursday, 6 March 2014

Accountability programs have been promoted in different ways on different radio stations

ToroDev has been highly involved in building the capacities of radio journalists for improved public accountability broadcasting because of its importance in enabling the local citizens access and share information for improved service delivery monitoring and improving accountability. Mentors trained by ToroDev have highly been involved in mobilizing the local citizens to engage their local leaders for improved service delivery through virtual platforms in form of talk shows and rural radio debates.

ToroDev's Recheal(Right) with mentors of Bundibugyo District
Radio mentors have been promoting public accountability broadcasting on their radio stations. “We have been promoting public accountability through identifying public policy issues and raising them on air, inviting concerned leaders to discuss and also giving chance to the local listeners to call in and make contributions in line with the issues at hand”, said Twijukye Asiah fom Ngeye FM UBC in Kasese District.

Radio mentors in Kyenjojo District have been moderating accountability programs to demand for accountability from leaders. “On “Kihikire” slot in the morning and “Ihanga Rukanda” on Saturday, local citizens demand for accountability from their local and political leaders and tangible impacts have been realized”, said Elly Lubega, Kyenjojo FM in Kyenjojo District.

Meanwhile, Radio mentors have been doing all that is possible to see that accountability programs keep running every day on radio. “For the last 3 years, I partnered with radio management and we designed an accountability program called “Ensi Yawe” to demand accountability for public funds and sensitize the community on their rights and this program has been running for the past 3 years and many accountability issues have discussed”, Said Alicwamu Hamis Katende, Kyenjojo Development radio in Kyenjojo District. 

Mentors at Messiah radio in Kasese District have gone ahead to conduct deep research by accessing information related to accountability from trusted sources. “We get accountability information from public servants, events concerning public service delivery in the district and whole country at large, from media houses, internet, information officers, district leaders, among others”, said Nzinjah John, a mentor at Messiah Radio. 

However, there is need for more support for the mentors to continuously keep engaging local leaders and also share information regarding accountability in the media through providing them with transport facilitation to reach out the community and pick people’s issues, recording gadgets like cameras and recorders, and also computers for information sharing and evidence based information.

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