Monday, 16 September 2013

Members of Uganda National Teacher's Union (UNATU) threaten to with draw their services due to the poor conditions in public schools.

Members of UNATU (Uganda National Teacher's Union) have appealed to the government to improve their conditions and deliver better services or else they with draw their services from the government. UNATU is a body that organizes teachers at all levels so as to promote and protect the social, intellectual, economic and professional interests of teachers as a pre-requisite to quality public education.

 While appearing on the ToroDev supported accountability live radio discussion on HITS FM called the ‘Orukurato Program’ on 14th September 2013, members of UNATU indicated how the government had failed to deliver better services to teachers in public schools. “As members of UNATU, we have been appealing to the government to increase the salary of each teacher in public schools and also improve the conditions of teachers who are in hard to reach areas but all this has been in vain”, said Friday Emmanuel, the Chair Person of UNATU, Fort Portal Branch, Kabarole District.

During the discussion, Mr. Mwesige Richard, the secretary of UNATU Fort Portal Branch, Kabarole District also indicated how all teachers in public schools would withdraw their services due to the poor conditions. “We agreed with the government about salary increment of 20% on every teacher in public schools by June 2013 but all has been in vain. Through UNATU, we have decided to with draw our services until our demands are delivered. UNATU (Uganda National Teacher's Union)  is a registered company and we shall be performing under the laws of this country and shall not tolerate any threats form leaders”.

His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, President of Uganda
Other members who discussed during the radio talk show included Mr. James Bond Rwabwogo, a member of UNATU. “If teachers with draw their services, pupils will become idle without going to school and they will be disorganized hence we shall have a disorganized community. Teachers have delivered their services properly but the government is not supportive. How can the government fail to deliver the 20% increment that is being demanded by teachers when the country losses billions of money to corrupt officials in every year?”

Local listeners who participated in the radio discussion through call ins thanked teachers for using an organized way to demand for better services. “I thank teachers for using their body (UNATU) to demand for better services. This is the best way the government will listen to their outcry”, said Mwesige from Rwengoma Sub County in West Division, Fort Portal Municipalty, Kabarole District.     

“Political leaders who are threatening teachers to make them lose their jobs in case they with draw their services should be considerate. Teachers also need to be well off and survive well. If such leaders were put in conditions of teachers, they would not even be there for a single day. Such leaders are the ones who are even earning highly from the government but are not being considerate to their fellow Ugandans”, said Ategeka from Kabarole District.

The Orukurato weekly 2hr radio talkshow held every Saturday (08:00 – 10:00) is moderated by Mr Kasigazi Willy Donato. The live radio discussion which broadcasts issues of accountability is supported by Toro Development Network (ToroDev).

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