Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Burahya County Member of Parliament pledges to improve Health Sector

Burahya county Member of Parliament honorable Margret Muhanga Mugisa while appearing live on ToroDev supported weekly radio program “Orukurato” on  7th January, 2017 said we have to work hand in hand with sub-county leaders so as to support youth groups  in order to realize development  in Burahya constituency. She was hosted by the Orukurato program moderator Mr. Kasigazi William on Hits Fm from 8:00-10:00pm to give her accountability for 2016 to the people of Burahya constituency & Kabarole as a whole and also share her plans for 2017

Hon. Margret said we have met youth groups and leaders in meetings on Youth Livelihood Programs in Rutete and Rwaihamba sub counties so that we can empower them with  materials especially  those that are taking part in agriculture sector, we have empowered them with skills & supported them with  watering cans , insect sides, seeds and other support of the kind  which can help them be stable to increase their incomes. Through my lobbying, the office of the prime minister has supported with materials and has pledged to support further with tools aimed at improving youth income especially to rural poor youth.
Hon.Magret Muhanga Mugisa Member of Parliament Represents Burahya Constituency.  
Margret said as a way of creating employment for the youth, we have tried to extend electricity services in places like Mituli, Rurama and Kamigana by putting transformers which can support high population in those villages so that they can help in extension and connections of electricity services in the area to help youth startup small business such as putting in place saloons, wielding, etc.
For the cross-cutting sectors like works, we are working as a team with local leaders to improve the road sector and as we talk we sent a letter to the Uganda national roads authority (UNRA) executive director Allen Kagina and she has offered us tractors to improve our road network in Bukuuku, Kazingo & Mugusu Sub counties which actually some are under construction as we talk now. 
‘’ I have lobbied for an ambulance for Bukuuku health center IV which should be received before the end of this month to ease transportation of patients from hard to reach places in the constituency to attain health services’’, said Hon. Magret  Muhanga.

While sharing her plans for the coming year Hon. Margret Muhanga  pledged to lobby for  improved health services such as improving on the drug stock outs, absenteeism of health workers, supervision of health workers & schools, increased health  equipments for use in health centers, ambulances, etc.  I will follow up the pledges for the health centers from our friends in Canada and Sweden of machines, admission beds & other materials which I believe once received will improve the situation in the health sector. Hon. Margret pledged to lobby for the construction of roads in Kazingo parish to easy transportation of farmers’ products especially those earning a living from the agricultural sector.
The 2 hours live discussion had participation of listeners through call-inns & sms platforms; over 60 callers called-inn to comment and engage their leader; ‘’You have not talked about electricity that the president pledged for people in Busoro sub county, are they in your plans or not?’’, asked Sisoko a caller from Kidubuli in Kabarole district, ‘’Saaka & Kijura roads are menace to us residents especially in rainy seasons are they in your plans before you end your term of office?, asked John Kalinda a caller from Kijura Town council in Kabarole district, ‘’When are we electing local council 1’s & 11’s, we need these people in our communities especially for security issues’’, asked Wilson Habwona a caller from Mugoma in Burahya constituency Kabarole district.

We are grateful to SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, CIPESA & all other development partners for the financial and technical support to run these programs

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