Monday, 14 November 2016

Rwenzori Rural & Urban development organization advocates for justice

 On 24/10/2016 a team from Rwenzori Rural & Urban Development Organization (RUDO-Uganda) visited Nyarukamba Primary School to monitor the state of service school and to identify the challenges the school experience and how the school management has managed to address such challenges.
During our visit it was observed that a primary six girl dropped out of school as a result of getting pregnant, to us this was a big surprise and blow, this forced us to organize another meeting with the girl (Mbambu Jessica) , the School Management Committee, PTA Chairpersons  and the parents to understand what really happened and as a forum how can we help to identify the man who defiled the girl”.  Said Kule Vincent the leader of the forum

 Vincent added we went ahead and held a meeting with the head teacher Mr. Tibakunirwa John and this is what he said, ‘’I learnt of Jessica our pupil being pregnant first from her friends at school and I thought these were just rumors, but I went ahead and sent for Jessica to know what is wrong with her but she denied being pregnant, so I took her words and her confession.

The head teacher  added I held several talks with Jessica but she has never accepted that she was pregnant, so I took a step to go ahead and invite a medical personnel to the school to conduct a pregnancy test on her, that day she ran out of the school and went home . I was surprised one day when police officers   came to our school to arrest our teacher Mr. Bakwirison Moris for a defilement case and making Jessica pregnant as the main suspect, but the teacher denied everything and he was not arrested.

As a school with the help of the forum we went ahead to meet Jessica’s father who told us that her daughter was pregnant and the main suspect is Mr. Moris Bakwirison the teacher at school, different family members of the girl got concerned and called for the meeting with the suspect for negotiations at his home.  
The teacher was engaged in the meeting but he denied all the allegations and called for DNA test which he accepted to pay for. The family failed to handle the case and sought for support and help from police, when the police came to arrest the teacher he had already escaped from school and from his home.” Said Jessica’s relative.
I don’t know the real father of the kid am carrying because I first slept with Mr. Bakwirison Moris ( teacher) but later I also had sex with Baluku Jeremiah the son of Musa Isembugheki & Kayikubulha a game ranger but am sure the pregnancy is for the teacher”, Said Mbambu Jessica.

As forum members we are still following this case, we have alerted the police, NGOS, DEO , LCIII of the area, media and we request for support from anyone to go ahead and carry the DNA test to know who is the father of the baby, so that action can be taken, however Jessica  needs to undergo Counseling and HIV/AIDS test, antenatal care, health and nutrition support, she needs to  be counseled to go  back to school after giving birth”. Said Vincent Kule the leader of RUDO Forum.

We are grateful to all the development partners for the support.  

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