Thursday, 3 November 2016

Kicwamba residents petition the district chairperson over a gravity flow scheme

Citizens of Kicwamba Sub County in Kabarole district through their local leaders and Kicwamba forum for development and service delivery advocacy, a community group that was initiated by ToroDev petitioned the district leadership on the rehabilitation of Kicwamba gravity flow scheme.
Residents especially those from Bwanika village have for over a year been just looking at the pipes passing through their land and to some villages like Kihondo water has been off for over two weeks.

Citizens wanted to know from the county water engineer what funds worth 31 million shillings that was released by the district leadership in July 2016 meant for the rehabilitation of the gravity flow scheme was used for because they had take weeks without water flowing to their villages yet funds for doing the work was released.

Rehabilitation work going on at the gravity flow scheme in Kicwamba
Residents sought assistance from the local council 111 chairperson (sub county level) and also Kicwamba sub county district councilor who invited the district chairperson to visit the site and look at the work done compared to the amount they paid for it.

Kicwamba gravity flow scheme that is under rehabilitation
The district chairperson visited the citizens in Kicwamba sub county in September 2016 and indeed concluded that the engineer working on the rehabilitation of the gravity flow scheme had mismanaged the funds meant for the water source.

Above: District council touring the site Below: District chairperson (yellow shirt & hut) with other district officials resting after treking the hills to the gravity scheme

The district chairperson Mr. Rwabuhinga Richard ordered the county water engineer to work and complete the rehabilitation of the scheme within two weeks such that residents of the affected areas can access safe and clean water. The district water engineer was requested to supervise the work done at the scheme. ‘’We are grateful to the district chairperson for hearing our cry and coming done to check what we were complaining about, as we talk now there is good work being done and some people are now accessing safe and clean water even those in Bwanika village who used to see pipes passing through their land now have been connected to the scheme’’, said Mr. Rwaheru Gilbert the coordinator of Kicwamba forum for development and service delivery advocacy.

We thank all the development partners who support us to improve service delivery for our people.

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