Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The Minister of Defence and Veterans Affairs has urged Health Management Committees to do their roles right if we are to improve the image of health centers

Hon. Adolf Mwesige the Minister of Defence & Veterans Affairs who is also a Member of Parliament for Bunyangabu county in Kabarole district has called for all people responsible for different roles to perform them if we are to develop together. Hon. Adolf was speaking live on ToroDev supported ‘Orukurato’ program that is aired live every Saturday 8:00-10:00pm on HITS Fm a local radio station in Kabarole district. The minister said Health Management Committees have not played their part well of monitoring and recording drugs received in health centres that is why we get challenges of lack of drugs because sometimes the drugs are sold by the people who work in these health centers. 

The minister said leaders cannot do all the roles alone and called for a collective effort to manage the issues surrounding our communities. ‘’if I have lobbied for drugs, let the health management committees do the recording of received drugs & do the monitoring of these drugs, these are their health centres and I expect them to do their roles as required’’, said Hon. Adolf Mwesige.

The minister said he lobbied for over 10 billion shillings under KAYIPU 3 project where roads in the sub counties of Kisomoro, Kabonero, Kicwamba, Rutete were opened and plans of murruming them are set, and has lobbied for KAYIPU 4 where we expect roads from other sub counties in the district to be worked on including Buhesi , Harugongo & other many sub counties. With lobbying from Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Limited (UEDCL) Nsura, Kyamukube,Mujunju, Lyamabwa are now connected to electricity, we visited Kisomoro health centre 111 and found that they had no mattresses and I lobbied from my China’s friends and got the mattresses for the health centre, we have supplied irrigation pumps to farmers & given them animals to improve their house hold incomes.

Hon. Adolf Mwesige Minister of Defence & Veterans Affairs & Member of Parliament Bunyangabu County
During the 2 hours live talk show, the minister shared his plans for the 5 years term (2016-2021) that included; partnership with National Water & Sewarage Cooperation to extend safe & clean water to Buhesi, Rwimi Sub county & Rwimi town council to supplement the gravity flow scheme in order to improve hygiene & sanitation in the constituency, extending electricity to Kabata, Kyatwa, Kabonero, Lyamabwa, Kahondo & some parts of Rwimi, we shall strengthen the health management committees to do their roles and deal with people who sale government drugs so that we can have stockout in our health centers for people to access drugs whenever they visit these health centres, work with the office of the Chief Administrative Officer to order sub county chiefs to visit the health centers and also monitor all issues concerning the health centers regularly, we shall build a secondary school in Kiyombya sub county for our children to access education and also solve the problem of walking long distances in accessing education & also support Kisomoro Technical school for our children to access hands on skills training, mobilizing people to support  government program of operation wealth creation to access quality seeds & animals hence improving their incomes and also follow & support veterans to access their gratuity & other benefits from government. We have held & shall continue holding meetings with all leaders in the constituency to end the conflicts that had erupted since we know the basis for their existence now so that people are mobilized to work hard for development.

The minister called for cooperation as he implements his pledges and requested inspectors of schools parents, teachers & all people to play their roles right. He advised citizens to engage duty bearers into developmental issues by demanding for accountability and if there is nothing to account for in 5 years then the person can be voted out and be replaced by another capable leader.

Listeners were given chance to participate in the live talkshow through call-ins & Sms; ‘’we still have schools with no enough classroom blocks and our children are congested with limited desks in classrooms, what is the minister’s  comment on that?’’, asked Margret a caller from Bunyangabu, ‘’some health centres have no access to electricity & this puts the lives of patients especially pregnant mothers at risk when it is night time something that stresses the health workers too, can the minister comment on that’’, said Harriet Twinebyona a caller from Kabarole district, ‘’we need to know more on the new government program of operation wealth creation since it leads to economic sustainability, can the minister talk about it?’’, asked Paul  Mujuni a caller from Rwimi.

We are grateful to SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, CIPESA & all other development partners for the financial & technical support.

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