Monday, 3 October 2016

Burahya county Member of Parliament has urged fellow M.P’s to take an extra step from their core roles if development in the constituencies is to be realized

Hon. Margret Mugisa Muhanga the Burahya county member of parliament  while appearing live on ToroDev weekly supported  talkshow “Orukurato” on 24th September,2016 said time for campaigns is over and now it is time to improve service delivery for our people. The 2 hours weekly program is hosted by Hits Fm from 8:00- 10:00pm every Saturday and different duty bearers at all levels are invited to share their plans and also give accountability for what has been done from their different offices.

Hon. Margret said the four (4) months so far spent in parliament, we have had a meeting involving all local council three chairpersons, NRM sub county chairpersons, sub county councilors in the whole constituency to know where we are and where we want to be & in this very meeting we have agreed to meet quarterly to track progress & also advise each other on how to handle certain development issues,  we have had a Burahya constituency health assembly involving all leaders, health workers from Burahya  & some technical personnel in the district where we have shared challenges in the health sector, drug stock out & tasking technical people to explain why our health centers are not functioning to their expectations, Hon. Margret has  managed to lobby for the connection of Kazingo health centre IV with electricity and now health workers are doing their work well, ‘’I have talked to friend from Sweden and they have promised to give us health machines for diagnosis & beds for all the health centers in Burahya, lobbed for 80 million shillings from Micro support centre to Harugongo Sacco for members to use to develop themselves and it is interest free and  also secured a water project for Rwengaju model parish in Busoro sub county worth 27 billion shillings under presidential pledge’’, said Hon. Margret Mugisa Muhanga.

Hon. Margret Mugisa Muhanga Member of Parliament Burahya County Kabarole District

While sharing her plans in her 5 years term of office (2016-2021), Hon. Margret pledged to lobby for water connection in the town councils of; Kiko, Mugusu,Karago& Kijura , extending National Water & Sewarage Cooperation grid to the people of Busoro Sub county, She has started talks with the ministry of education to construct secondary schools where they are lacking like Kabende sub county, Kijura town council, Kasenda sub county, Kiko town council, Mugusu town council & Bukuku town council following up a government plan to have a secondary school in every Sub county, lobby for the construction of Bukuuku sub county headquarters, lobby for the up-grading of Kicwamba technical college to a college of technology  and on this we have started with infrastructure development, we shall talk to government to take it up so that different courses & awards can be offered for our people to have skills and employment,  I have already talked to a Germany Agency ( WEPATIA FOUNDATION) & we plan to construct a school for the needy children in Kyakaigo parish-Harugongo Sub county, under the same foundation, our talented youth will be taken to Germany to share with the experienced Foot ball academies in Germany and those who want to take it as a profession can be mentored to per sue their ambitions , this is aimed at developing talents in our youth, we are organizing exposure visits for our leaders so that they can share with other well performing areas something that can help them borrow some knowledge and skills to improve their ways of work aimed at providing better services to our people, I have pledged to mobilize the youth and talk to them on how to make money to improve their house hold income. Hon. Margret  promised to work with other leaders for the development of her constituency and also making a comprehensive accountability for the people of Burahya after 6 months.

’ if we just did our core roles of representation, legislation, appropriation & oversight roles, development may not be realized hence need to take an extra step in our roles to change the state of service delivery in our constituents’’, said Hon. Margret Mugisa Muhanga.

During the 2 hours discussion, listeners participated through call –inn & Sms; ‘’ why can’t M.P’s lobby for increased salary of teachers other than planning for themselves to buy expensive vehicles worth 200 million?’’, asked Margret  a caller from Mugusu in Kabarole district, ‘’Can the members of parliament lobby to end corruption in courts of law/judiciary?’’, asked Patrick Byaruhanga a caller from Kyegegwa district, ‘’ how come the things supplied through wealth creation program are benefitting the rich other than the intended poor beneficiaries?’’, asked Kusasira a caller from Nyabweya in Kabarole district.

We are grateful to SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, CIPESA & all other development partners for the financial and technical support to continue running these programs.

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