Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Harugogo Development Forum Use TracFm and Radio talkshows to Advocate for the Construction of Harugongo Road In Kabrole District

Harugongo sub county is a new sub county demarcated from Kicwamba sub county in Kabarole district Rwenzori region in Western Uganda. For along time, Harugongo people have suffered with bad roads leading to failure of farmers to market their products on time due to impassable roads hence limited income at household level.
 ''As an organization, we have given community members  and local leaders time to talk on different radio stations on the road sector issue and now we have registered success because our efforts to improve the road net work in the district has yielded results beginning mid 2015'', said Shiela Amanya M &E officer, ToroDev.

The construction of the road is going on in Harugongo sub county, Kabarole district after making lots of complaints on the radios, leaders fear to hear the same issues discussed over and over on radio they act as faster as possible, when we continue sharing our issues on radios change will be seen in all sectors”. Said Abdullah Baguma a caller from Harugongo in, Kabarole District, during the evaluation talkshow on Hits Fm on 23rd/April/2016. http://torodev.blogspot.ug/2016/04/radio-talkshows-have-helped-in.html

 Abdullah added we were hosted more than 3 times on radio stations to discuss the issue of  Harugongo road , we are happy that  the central Government is now working on the road and  we are monitoring the progress.

 “As a forum we realized shoddy work was being done as the construction was going on, the culverts were not fixed well, the murram was not the best for such a busy road, we complanied to the local authorities and we shared the issues on radio talkshows, we are happy that the district officials came to monitor what was going on”. Said Mutegeki Patrick member of Harugogo development forum

Culverts fixed along Harugongo Road  that is under construction
Patrick Added; our complaints forced the district chairperson LCV Richard Rwabuhinga to   monitor the construction of the road after we complained of the shoddy work done.

The leadership/committee that was put in place to supervise the road asked for the apology for the shoddy work that was done and they attributed the shoddy work to lack of equipment's and they promised to do the best to bring the best equipment's and to have the road completed as planned.

Harugongo Road that is under construction 
We are happy that another committee was elected on 4th/05/2016 and a road committee was formed at Harugongo (Karago trading centre) by the district leadership comprising of Vice chairperson, LCV, Deputy CAO and senior community development officer.” Said Abdullah Baguma the leader Harugongo development forum in, Kabarole District.

Harugongo road in the year 2014
 ''We thank ToroDev for the advocacy work in improving service delivery and for the capacity building skills  imparted in different advocacy groups to see that they are monitoring service delivery in their communities'', added Abdullah Baguma.

We are grateful to all our partners for the support towards the work being done in the communities of Rwenzori sub region.

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