Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Can Uganda achieve the middle income status, government’s vision by 2020?

When a country is struggling to attain a middle income status it means there are people lower income status and others with higher income level. We have to consider our income at house hold level where every family should stop producing for consumption only but have surplus for sale. When we sale we get money to do other things and the government gets money through tax payment which is used to improve service delivery in the country.

 These were the words of Mr. Tumwine Henry a lecturer at Mountains of the Moon University and a Quality Assurance Officer of the same institution. Mr. Tumwine was speaking during Torodev’s supported live radio discussion on ‘Orukurato’ program that is aired live every Saturday 8:00pm-10:00pm on HITS Fm.

Mr. Tumwine said we do not have value addition products like other countries which forces us to import more than what we export hence our revenues being taken by other countries. We need to work hard to avoid such if we are to achieve the 2020 vision as a country.

Mr. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni President of Uganda
In a related development, Mr. Museveni who is the president of Uganda on 11th July,2016 while officiating as chief guest on World Population Day national celebrations in Rukungiri district said; every Ugandan will earn 3.5 million shillings annually or shillings 290.000/= monthly when the country attains a middle income status, the governments 2020 vision. Mr. Museveni said we can achieve this through increasing funding to agriculture that employs majority Ugandans and by investing more in operation wealth creation programme. ‘’I request all Ugandans to embrace this struggle of total monetization of the economy’’, said Mr. Museveni the president of the Republic of Uganda.

Meanwhile the 2 hours live discussion had participation of  Mr. Bamanyisa Patrick who said that; ‘’for any country to grow especially in it’s economy, it should deal with corruption as the first issue and also reduce the cost of public administration which is too high for example here in Uganda

Callers were given chance to participate through call-ins & Sms platforms; ‘’ the monthly salary of 1 member of parliament here in Uganda is equivalent to 80 months salary of a teacher, how can we achieve the middle income status with such trends?’’, asked Moses Mugisa a caller from Kyegegwa district.

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