Monday, 30 November 2015

ToroDev Celebrates 10 years of existence and hosted all the participants of the conference for dinner at Mountains of the moon Hotel

On 19th November, 2015 ToroDev hosted all the participants of the conference for a dinner to mark our 10 years of existence. The dinner was hosted at Mountains of the Moon Hotel, from 5pm- 11pm. All participants of the conference attended, political leaders, Civil servants, Academicians and well-wishers, the dinner was attended by over 100 people. The guest of honor was Hon Adolf Mwesige Apuuli, Member of Parliament Bunyangabu County & Minister of Local Government.

The Organization has, particularly for the last 5 years, promoted and improved information and knowledge sharing for citizens’ engagement with their leaders to demand public accountability for improved service delivery and poverty reduction. ToroDev has empowered local citizens in both offline and online advocacy to improve essential service delivery through democratic engagement with duty bearers, which directly affects their economic livelihoods. Radio journalists also have been trained in online advocacy and accountability broadcasting”. Said, Counsel Businge Victor ToroDev Board Secretary.
Counsel Victor added, ToroDev has supported the initiation of over 16 rural advocacy forums and facilitated over 20 accountability meetings between citizens and leaders in the region, many of which were held in 2015. ToroDev has deployed the “convergence approach, using ICTs to promote information access, use and democratic engagements for improved essential service delivery.

The Executive Director ToroDev Mr. Baguma Johnstone K. giving the welcoming remarks as guests listen attentively
I appreciate the good work ToroDev has done to improve Service delivery in Kabarole District, ToroDev has given us enough airtime on radio where district local government official have been hosted to give accountability and to address issues of poor service delivery, as LC V chairperson of Kabarole District, I have been hosted so many times to give accountability, and this airtime is free and as a district we could not afford to pay for airtime but ToroDev bridged the gap, that is why accountability has been given and we are seeing improved service delivery”. Said Hon Richard Rwabuhinga during dinner at Mountains of the moon hotel, Kabarole District.

Hon. Richard Rwabuhinga the district chairperson Kabarole giving his speech during the dinner
Hon Richard added, ToroDev has empowered local citizens with skills in ICTs, advocacy and networking, I can testify that one day I received a petition from  Mugusu forum and they challenged me when they called me and asked to meet me, I was able to meet them and they presented their petition  asking for water extension to  Magunga village, I was  challenged because the group was organized, they spoke to me calmly and I was able to lobby for the money to see that the gravity flow scheme is put in place,  this proves the kind of work ToroDev is doing with the advocacy forum.

“ToroDev is one of the organizations I respect and value so much, it has done great work to improve service delivery in the Rwenzori Region, it has provided employments to young people who can change the world, they have gone on ground to educate others on how to demand accountability in a peaceful way, how to hold us leaders accountable  without fear or favor, the local citizens are now sensitized, empowered , they know what they want from their leaders due to massive sensitization by ToroDev.  Thank you so much for the great work”. Said Hon Alex Ruhunda the MP Fort-Portal Municipality during the Dinner at Mountains of the Moon Hotel

Hon. Alex Ruhunda the Fort Portal Member of Parliament speaking during the ToroDev dinner
I treasure NGOs that have missions and visions, some NGOS are formed to attack the government but I respect ToroDev very much, it has been very useful and supporting our people and the government by providing leaders with platforms to give accountability for improved service delivery, ToroDev thank you so much for choosing Rwenzori Region to come and bridge a gap where the government could not reach especially in paying for airtime on  radio for the leaders to address people and give accountability , thank you for  giving social and  economic  skills  to the local citizens, supporting  the local citizens  in monitoring services and many other activities, thank you for the good work”. Said the guest of Honor, Hon Adolf Mwesige Minister for Local Government

Hon. Adolf Mwesige the State minister for Local Government giving his speech during the ToroDev dinner
Hon Adolf added NGOS have filled a big gap where the government could not reach, the NGO reach, NGOs have lobbied for improved services delivery, we have seen schools, hospitals, latrines, water sources  put in place by NGOS, as a minister I pledge to work with ToroDev  and in case you need me please let’s keep the good partnerships.

The dinner ended at 11pm and ToroDev was able to serve everyone with a cake.

The guest of honor is joined by other guests, BODs ToroDev, & staff in cutting the cake
For ToroDev to make 10 years in Service, it  has been possible with donor support from the Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions (SPIDER), CIPESA & SIDA, Development Research & Training (DRT), Development Initiatives, and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), Indigo Trust-UK, partner local FM radio stations and citizens’ community forums.
 We thank every body for the support in these 10 years of service.

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