Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Advocacy Forums fight for the rights of the local citizens

It has been one of our objective to see that local citizens have their rights respected by family members and the community, as PRIFODE we received a complaint from Atuhaire Charles a citizen from Rutete sub county in Kabarole district complaining   that his family members had denied him from sharing of sharing the properties his late father left behind.

Am among the five children born to Kateba Zadoki of Rusenyi village, Rurama parish in Rutete sub county Kabarole district. I have struggled with my brothers and sisters for seven years since our father died my siblings denied me to access any of my late father’s properties like land, businesses and home, I have lived in poverty, failed to get education, I went to courts of laws to seek justice but still I did not get any justice, but I never kept silent I contacted PRIFODE for help and am happy they helped”. Said Atuhaire

Members of the family of late Kateba Zadoki in Rurama, Rutete sub county

Charles added Am very happy I finally got help from PRIFODE in October 2015, the members of the forum solved the issues and now I own land and I can’t stop thanking the advocacy forum and ToroDev, what Court had failed to solve it has been solved by the forum am at peace, happy and thankful to the forum, keep the good work.

Family members, PRIFODE members, and some community members in a meeting at late Zadoki's residence in Ruteete
In November 2013 after receiving the complaint we wrote a letter to the family of the complaints, clan members and the local leaders but no one acted upon the matter. Then the leader of the forum visited them in Rutete and convened a meeting with the help of the area local council one (LC 1) in order to hear from the two sides”. Said Mukwono the leader of PRIFODE

Furthermore  Mukwono added in August 2014 a team from Peoples rights and forum for development travelled to Rutete, counseled the two sides and finally agreed as a family to allow Atuhaire share from his late father’s property other than continuing going to the courts of laws.
In October 2015 the forum members travelled back to Rutete where an official agreement was signed between the family members allocating a piece of land to Atuhaire Charles in the presence of clan leaders, community members, area local councils and forum members from Mugusu sub county in Kabarole district.” Said Tibenda Stephen the secretary of the Forum

PRIFODE member, local leader and the family of late Zadoki including Atuhaire standing in the land they shared with him
As people’s rights and forum for development, we thank ToroDev for empowering us as advocacy forums in Ruwenzori region with knowledge ,skills, radio programs, monthly facilitation, etc all the above have helped us work with the community by solving their problems hence living in harmony with each other’’ said Mr. Mukwano Ssenyonjo, the forum leader from Mugusu.

We are grateful to our partners for the technical and financial support.

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