Thursday, 16 July 2015

ToroDev and KANCA meet the Kabarole District Local Government Officials on 15th, July, 2015

An NGO cannot achieve its vision for a better society on its own. Community and government partnership is very important in order to yield more positive results. NGOs need to work with other NGOs and the local government to accomplish all the goals. Through partnerships with other NGOs, and the public sector, you gain access to new resources, including funding and in-kind support as well as information, expertise and skills.
On 15th-July- 2015, ToroDev in conjunction with KANCA had a short visit to Kabarole district local government and had a short meeting with the District Community Development Officer, the District Planner, the Chief Administrative Officer and the District Information Officer. The team that had the meeting with the above people included Mr. Johnstone B Kumaraki the ED of ToroDev, Mr. Edward Itoote the coordinator Kabarole NGO’s & CBO’s and Mr. Kugonza K. David. D&C Officer ToroDev.
The meeting with the district officials aimed at putting away to strengthen partnership between Civil Society Organizations and Local Government in the district. The district officials welcomed the idea and pledged to work with the civil society organizations to develop the district. “By law we are supposed to work together, plan together and as a matter of fact, we need to share our work plans and budgets in order to supplement the district efforts’’, said Mr. Koojo Sam, the district Planner.

The Partnerships between NGO and Local government may range from informal and casual to formal and structured. The relationships can be where you talk to each other regularly to share information, ideas and experiences. You can also have highly organized collaborative relationships where you design projects, raise money and run the projects together. We look forward to strengthen our work relations as NGO’s with the district local government.

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