Thursday, 16 July 2015

Hakibale Committed Citizens for Better Services Advocacy Forum advocate for environment protection by planting trees

Hakibale Committed Citizens For better Services advocacy forum, advocate for environment protection by planting 50 trees in Kiburara Parish , Hakibale sub county, Kabarole District.

On 29th / May /2015 Committed citizens for better services advocacy forum organized a meeting which was attended by 80 people from Hakibale sub county that aimed at sensitizing people to keep the environment through planting trees starting with Kiburara Parish, Hakibale sub county, Kabarole District. As a forum we initiated this idea and we involved the community members, and the Sub county LCIII Mr. Busingye John and Sub county Councilors.
The aim of planting trees is to protect the environment because people had cut down every natural tree and we were experiencing long droughts, and this was affecting the agriculture and crop production.
“As a forum we held a meeting to lobby for funds to buy some trees and we invited the leaders to come and attend the meeting those who attended include Hon LCIII Businge Edison, the sub county councilors, Journalists from KRC FM and 80 local citizens. The meeting was a successful one because we raised money and we were able to buy 50 tress that we planted at Kiburara Parish, Hakibale sub county on that same day.” Said Mr. Kasweta John the chairperson of the forum.
Kasweta added that as forum members we went ahead and selected a committee of 5 People who stay near that place to look after the trees and we are lobbying for more trees which we shall plant in other parishes all over the sub county.
 In a related development,Hakibale Committed Citizens for Better Services advocacy forum in partnership with ToroDev is working on a skit which carries a message about voter education. The skit will sensitize & educate voters not to be bribed or accept gifts in exchange of votes and to vote wisely in the next years elections, this is aimed at having fair elections in 2016. More stories to come up after the final preparations of the skit are done.

Members of the forum (skit) listening to the instructor Mr. Mwesige Zebidayo Mukwikwi

 We are grateful to SIDA, NED, DRT, CIPESA, ICT4DEM for their financial & technical support.

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