Thursday, 5 June 2014

Strengthening the institutional capacity of advocacy forums and rural monitors in demanding and advocating for improved service delivery using appropriate ICT tools

ToroDev has been highly involved in mentoring and supporting the initiation and strengthening the newly formed advocacy forums to champion the monitoring of service delivery and democratic engagements through the use of appropriate ICT tools in the seven districts of the Rwenzori Region.
The advocacy forums are community’s own initiated initiatives meant to sustainably monitor and advocate for improved service delivery, and demand accountability from their local leaders. 
Rural monitors of Hakibaale Sub County, Kabarole District
Rural monitors of Bufunjo Sub County in Kyenjojo District have been able to advocate for better services through engaging the national leaders. “We have been able to send our delegation letter over marginalization to the President’s office through Major Mwebasa. This was during the delivery of coffee seedlings for the war veterans under the poverty eradication project implemented by the Office of the President. We hope to receive a positive response since Major Mwebesa promised to help us in advocating for better services from the President’s office”, said Tibeeha John Bosco, the general secretary of Bufunjo People's Forum in Bufunjo Sub County, Kyenjojo District.

James Monday, a member of Bufunjo People’s Forum also adds that members of the forum have used ICT tools to advocate and lobby for better services. “We have been able to post a number of issues on ‘State of Service Delivery’ face book page and the mentors’ email address. Some of these issues include the delayed commencement of the national ID registration exercise in Bufunjo Sub County. The issue was read by leaders on the plat form who intervened and the problem was solved. We have also been able to participate in radio talk shows through sending SMS, call ins and live participation”.

Meanwhile, rural monitors of Bundibugyo District have gone ahead to monitor the poor services in their district and report to their local leaders. “We visited Bundibugyo Hospital and found out that the hospital has no beds in the pediatric ward. The hospital is in acute shortage of beds and infants sleep on the ground which makes it difficult to fix drip bottles and mosquito nets. We are following up the issue by approaching the district leaders to intervene and save the situation. We also participated in the ground breaking ceremony of the construction of modern dormitory and tutors quarters at Bundibugyo Primary Teachers College. As rural monitors, we shall monitor the construction to its completion”, said Reverend Kamuhanda Tomasi, leader of Bundibugyo Media Practitioners Forum. 

Rural monitors of Katebwa Sub County in Kabarole District have also been able to bring their leaders to give accountability to the local citizens. “We organized a public accountability meeting in Katebwa Sub County on 8th May 2014 and invited local leaders who attended and gave accountability to the local citizens. Some of these leaders included the area LC III Chairperson Mr. Byokufa Mustofa, the Sub County Chief Mr. Kimanywenda Adonniah, the Sub County NAADS representative Mr. Maate Kihuku, among others.  The leaders addressed some of the issues raised by the local citizens concerning NAADS, roads, health, and other sectors”, said Muhindo Ezra, the Chair Person of Katebwa Advocacy Forum in Katebwa Sub County, Kabarole District.

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