Friday, 6 June 2014

Bufunjo Sub County LC III Chairperson gives state of Sub County address

On 21st May 2014, the Chairperson LC III of Bufunjo Sub County in Kyenjojo District Hon Mwesige Patrasion gave the state of the Sub County address. This was during the public accountability meeting that was organized by members of Bufunjo People’s Forum, under the support of ToroDev. “Bufunjo Sub County is at 50% rate in development and we are performing relatively well as compared to the past years in sectors like health, agriculture, roads, among others. However, am concerned about the government’s poor arrangement that gives no chance to political heads to be signatories to sub county accounts with lesser pay than technical staff, which in reality makes us subordinate and sometimes difficult to make proper and effective supervisions”.

Members of Bufunjo People's Forum
The meeting also attracted other leaders that are political, technical, civil, religious and also group leaders. The area Vice LC III Chairperson Hon Fosco Masaba discussed the performance of the education sector in the sub county. “Our education system is improving at Primary level given the fact that for the last two years, Bufunjo Sub County has got first grades. However, there are still some challenges like absenteeism of teachers in pretense of delayed salary, poor infrastructure in some schools, delayed funding of the UPE(Universal Primary Education) program by the central government, among others. We also lack a government aided secondary school which has denied education to those who cannot afford the costs of private schools”.

Hon Fasco further indicated the poor performance of the Sub County Health sector. “We have only one health center III, which is Bufunjo Health Center III that serves the big population of the entire sub county. The health center has a challenge of under staffing with only one mid wife instead of two. Even the newly commissioned Kataraza Health Center II still depends on Bufunjo HC III for supplies and staff”.

Meanwhile, the NAADS(National Agricultural Advisory Services) assistant Mr. Muhwezi Lawrence also discussed the Sub County agricultural performance   for the running financial year. “Performance of the agricultural sector in Bufunjo Sub County is good and promising. NAADS has supported over 300(three hundred) farmers from different categories like food security, market oriented, and model farmers. Such farmers have received enterprises like coffee seedlings, bananas and cows. However, we still face challenges such as diseases like banana bacteria wilt (BBW) which has affected many farmers produce”.

Local citizens were also allowed to raise their concerns, reactions, and issues to the local leaders. “Government gave us a secondary school and money was allocated for its construction but nothing has been done. As leaders, what have you done about it?” asked Kamihanda Sylvest, “Kitecura Forest is being encroached by individuals for their own mutual benefits some of whom include leaders”, said Katuramu Adolf, “VHT(Village Health Teams) bicycles have been in the Sub County Hall for a long time and are not serving their purpose. Local citizens don’t know what is going on and why the concerned leaders are not giving out the bicycles to their respective owners”, said Tibeeha John Bosco, “Kagoma Primary school is a model primary school but has no staff quarters. What plan do you have as leaders?” said Kamihanda Sylvester.

The accountability meetings are supported by NED, SPIDER/Stockholm University and SIDA/CIPESA on a project aimed at using both physical and online platforms like accountability meetings, radio and social media to improve the participation of marginalized population groups of rural youth and women in governance in the Rwenzori Region, Western Uganda.

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