Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Agricultural Trade Show

On 17th May 2014, panelists appeared on HITS FM to discuss the agricultural trade show that was organized by CABS (Community Agro Business Capacity Services) in partnership with Kabarole District Local Government. “We have organized an agricultural trade show in Kabarole District that will take place on 26th – 28th May 2014. The main aim of this trade show is to create a plat form where all farmers and business men in the Rwenzori Region can meet and learn through sharing skills and knowledge from each other”, said Malsera Kasukali, the Executive Director, Community Agro Business Capacity Services. The panelist was discussing on ToroDev supported live radio accountability program called  ‘Orukurato Program’ that discusses issues of accountability every Saturday (08:00 - 10:00pm).

Farmers display their products during a trade show
Other panelists who participated in the live radio discussion included Mr. Mwebesa Perez, the Assistant Chief Administrative Officer, Kabarole District, and Miss Nkwenge Lillian, the District Information Officer, Kabarole District. 

During the discussion, Mr. Mwebesa indicated the objectives of the trade show. “The theme of the trade show is “To eradicate poverty and look the potential for agriculture development in Kabarole District”. Its objectives will be; setting a way of how farmers can meet and share knowledge through interactions with each other, sharing what we have been able to achieve to fight famine following the millennium development goals, realizing opportunities for development, gaining knowledge and skills of improving our value chain (value addition), among others.

Miss Nkwenge also participated in the live radio discussion by appealing to all farmers and business men to attend the trade show. “The agricultural trade show is held every year to bring farmers, business men and investors together to share skills and knowledge. I therefore appeal to all farmers and business men to attend in big numbers and represent their sub counties and groups. Participants should also make articles that will be published in the farmers’ magazines for advertising/marketing purposes”.

Local listeners also participated in the live radio discussion through call ins to raise their issues and concerns. “As youths, how shall we benefit from the program?” asked Rodgers from Rubona Town Council, “People with gambling games should not be allowed in the trade show”, said Rwabuhinga, “I thank the panelists for the good program presentation”, said a caller from Kyegegwa District, “How much is the entry fee?” asked Godfrey from Karambi Sub County, "Which day will the president attend the trade show?” asked Charles from Kiburara Sub County in Kabarole District.

The live radio discussion was moderated by Mr. Kasigazi Willy Donanto and is supported by SIDA/CIPESA and SPIDER/Stockholm University on a project aimed at using appropriate ICT tools to promote democratic engagement in the Rwenzori Region, Western Uganda.

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