Wednesday, 21 May 2014

“Some information given by leaders concerning service delivery is not true”, Mutesigensi Annet

On 1st May 2014, local citizens of Kabende Parish in Hakibaale Sub County, Kabarole District showed their outcry over the poor service delivery in their Sub County. This was during the rural radio debate that was conducted by Mr. Mukonyezi Wilfred, the moderator of the ‘Listeners Forum’ a two hour weekly program sponsored by ToroDev that broadcasts issues of accountability every Sunday (08: - 10:00pm) on Better FM. 
Members of Committed Citizens for Better Service Delivery

“Local leaders have been going on radio and saying that our sub county has been given water yet it’s not true. Over 3,000 (three thousand) people are depending on river water which is not safe”, said Mutesigensi Annet, “NAADS administration is so poor, we had food security and market oriented farmers but the Chairperson LC III interfered the program with politics by making people pay for the supplied equipment and basing on technical know who”, said Tumusiime Justus, “Kabende Health Center III has no mid wife, pregnant women are attended to by OPD(Out Patient Department) nurses and issues reported to leaders are not intervened due to corruption, “I was attacked by ADF(Allied Defense Forces) rebels in 2000 who destroyed my property. The president sent me a pledge, but it was swindled by the corrupt local leaders”, said Tumuhimbise Lawrence, “As teachers, the government promised to help us in income addition but all has been in vain. We also lack a secondary school in Kabende Parish and all students use Rusekere Secondary School which is very far”, said Kagurusi Swalhe. The people’s issues were run on the ‘Listeners Forum’ program on 4th May 2014.

The live radio program was also attended by Hon Namara Vincent, the male Councilor Kabende Parish, Hakibaale Sub County, Hon Byamugisha Selevanius, Chairperson LC I Hakibaale Sub County, Mr. Kato, the mobilizer of Committed Citizens for Better Service Delivery Forum Group in Hakibaale Sub County and Mr. Tumusiime Justus, a local citizen of Hakibaale Sub County.
During the program, panelists indicated the poor performance of the NAADS program. “The NAADS program has not been beneficial to the local citizens of Kabende Parish, due to the poor performance of the Sub County NAADS coordinator who does not follow the procurement process when purchasing the NAADS equipment”, said Hon Namara, “The Community Based Facilitator (CBF) has never been involved in the purchase of the NAADS equipment yet he is entitled to do so”, said Mr. Tumusiime.
Hon Byamugisha also highlighted the poor performance of the education sector in Kabende Parish. “Performance of pupils at Kabende Primary School is so poor. This has been brought about by the personal grudges between the teachers. We have tried to report the issue to the District Education Officer, but his intervention has been in vain”.
Meanwhile, Mr. Kato appealed to the local leaders to work on Kabende Health Center III that was in its poor state. “Leaders should help us and save the situation at Kabende Health Center III, which lacks a ward and a mid wife. Pregnant women are traveling long distances to different Sub Counties to seek medical attention ”.
The rural radio debate is supported by NED and SIDA/CIPESA on a project aimed at using radio and social media to improve the participation of marginalized population groups of rural youth and women in governance in the Rwenzori Region, Western Uganda.

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