Sunday, 27 April 2014

“We have only one health center which is also privately owned”, Mugisa Erisha

On 15th April 2014, the king of the Banyabindi,  His Majesty Mugisa Elisha Atenyi showed his  outcry over the poor service delivery among his subjects in Munkunyu Sub County, Kasese District. “We have only one health center which is also privately owned and some people cannot manage the charges. Pregnant women have to walk long distances to access government health centers and sometimes give birth on the way which has caused many deaths. Pupils in lower classes are taught in the English language which they don’t understand which has caused poor grades, even those who perform well are not considered for bursary schemes neither at the district nor national level. Our water is also very poor and dirty. The government should strengthen water board committees and also provide water harvesting tanks in schools to help in the dry season. Our roads are poor such as Kinyamaseke-Katwe road, Mukunyu road, Nyakiyungu road, among others”.

Rutakirwa Ivan Bwebale, Basongora Cultural leader
His Majesty’s issues were run on Better FM radio on 20th April 2014 during the ‘Listeners Forum’ 08:00-10:00pm for the local leaders intervention. The live radio discussion was also attended by Mr. Kasamaki Tomas, Mr. Ndyahwerwa Degratius and Mr. Tumusiime Justus, all local citizens of Kabende Parish in Hakibaale Sub County, Kabarole District.

During the program, Mr. Ndyahwerwa raised the issue of corruption among the local leaders of Hakibaale Sub County. “Our Chairperson LC III of Hakibaale Sub County Hon Edson Businge grabbed UNRA (Uganda National Roads Authority) land in Kabende parish with no legal documents/title. We therefore appeal to other concerned local leaders at the district to intervene and save the situation. The maternity ward at Kabende Health Center III was also run for few months and closed and as we talk, there is no mid wife at the health center. The solar energy that was meant for the maternity ward was also diverted to the staff quarters”. 

Mr. Justus also participated in the radio discussion by indicating the incompetence in the NAADS program. “The Chairperson LC III Mr. Businge Edson has turned the NAADS program political by giving equipment to people who are only in leadership and not following the proper procedures. The Chairperson has also gone ahead to beat local citizens who demand for better services in the NAADS sector. Roads leading to Kabende Parish are also in a sorry state and impassable during the rainy season, hindering farmers from marketing their produce”.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kasamaki raised the issue of conflict between teachers at Kabende Primary School that has caused the poor performance of pupils. “At Kabende Primary School, some teachers are not working yet they are on government pay role. This came as a result of conflicting interests between the teachers. We have tried to report the issue to the District Education Officer of Kabarole but his intervention has been in vain”.

The live radio discussion was moderated by Mukonyezi Wilfred.

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