Friday, 25 April 2014

“A country’s success depends on the way it is run and organized”, Kiiza Besigye.

On 13th April 2014, leaders of Forum for Democratic Change party appeared on Better FM to discuss the electoral reforms and how Uganda can have a free and fair election. “A country’s success depends on the way it is organized. Ever since Uganda received her independence, no leader has ever left power peacefully. All leaders have left or taken over power through the help of a gun which causes destruction to the achieved developments, using the gun rule system, and using power to seek mutual interests at the cost of local citizens”, said Dr. Col. Kiiza Besigye, the former president of the FDC Party. The panelist was discussing on ToroDev’s supported “Listeners Forum’, a 2hr weekly live radio discussion that discusses issues of accountability every Sunday (08:00-10:00pm).

Col. Besigye, former leader of Forum for Democratic Change
Dr. Besigye went ahead to indicate how the National Resistance Movement has failed to create balance of power among Ugandans. “All power in the country is lying under the gun system. This is why we see the NRM party being the government, state and parliament. The effect of the gun system has also caused poor practices like wide spread corruption, imbalance in the election process and all leaders working under President Museveni’s orders. Local citizens should therefore stop fearing and bring back power from the gun system to themselves and also come together so as to achieve better leadership”.

The live radio discussion was also attended by Mrs. Ingrid Turinawe, the leader of women in the FDC party, Mr. Mwizukye Francis, a member of the National Executive Council in the FDC party and Lawyer Musana, the Chairman of the FDC party in Kabarole District.

During the program, Mr. Mwizukye blamed the youths for not participating in developmental programs. “Many youths are always driven to attend things that cannot develop or liberate this country like soccer, watching comedies and music shows, among others instead of participating in developmental programs like public debates/meetings where people’s issues and demands are discussed”.

Meanwhile, other panelists highlighted the consequences of not having a free and fair election. “Without a free and fair election, Uganda shall not have democracy, development, and respect for leaders”, said Lawyer Musana, “Ugandans will never get a leader of their choice, remain stranded in the evils of corruption, dictatorship, and undeveloped if they don’t come together to make a national convention to carry out a balanced election”, said Ingrid.

Local listeners also participated in the live radio discussion through call ins to raise their issues and concerns. “We have got issues of poor service delivery with the government”, said Amura from Kamwenge District, “The opposition should put in more efforts to bring change in this country”, said Jasper from Kyarusozi Sub County in Kyenjojo District, “The electoral commission is side lining with the NRM party”, said Kusemererwa John, “The electoral commission should not be chosen by the president but by the people”, said Dennis.

The live radio discussion was moderated by Mr. Mukonyezi Wilfred.   

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