Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Rural monitors assess the impact of their monitoring activities in the year 2013

On 5th January 2014, rural monitors appeared on Better FM to discuss the achievements and challenges that they encountered in the year 2013 during their activities of monitoring service delivery. “We have been able to monitor our leaders and better services like roads have been realized. However, leaders have misunderstood rural monitors of being political  groups searching for their own mutual benefits”, said Mukwano Senyonjo, the Chair Person of People’s Rights and Forum for Development in Mugusu Sub County, Kabarole District.

The local citizen was discussing on ToroDev supported radio discussion on Better FM called “The Listeners Forum”. The two hour radio program discusses issues of accountability every Sunday (8:00 – 10pm).

ToroDev gives out lap tops to leaders of Advocacy Forums
Other panelists who participated in the live radio discussion included Mr. Akugizibwe Solomon, the Media and Communications Officer ToroDev, Mr. Atuhaire Patrick the coordinator of Hakibaale Committed Citizens for Better Services in Hakibaale Sub County Kabarole District and Mr. John Kahunde, the Chair Person of Kiguma Forum for Rights and Development in Kiguma Parish, Bukuuku Sub County, Kabarole District.

During the discussion, Mr. Solomon assessed the activities, challenges and plans of the radio programs and advocacy forums. “We have realized great achievements such as people participating in governance, local citizens demanding for accountability and better service delivery from their leaders, and local people participating in rural radio debates to raise their issues and concerns. However, there has been some challenges like threats to the radio panelists, lack of grass root people more especially women participating in the radio programs and engaging local leaders to give accountability . We have formulated future plans to see that better service delivery is realized such as making consultative meetings with leaders, sensitizing the community about the use of on- line tools like phones, radios and internet to monitor service delivery, encouraging more sub counties to make advocacy forums and strengthening the existing forums”.

“Due to our work of monitoring our leaders, better service delivery has been realized. Teachers of Muhangi Primary School nolonger drink alcohol and now the school performs better and our leaders are also giving us accountability”, said Atuhaire Patrick.

Local listeners were also able to participate in the live radio discussion through the program’s face book page called the ‘Listeners Forum’ and call ins. “Corruption and embezzlement of public funds by government officials has hindered development”, said Mugisa Gordon, “Kijura-Kamwenge road is so poor”, said Atuhaire Julius, “Our leaders are so rigid to conduct LC I elections”, said Ssemanda, “Kamwenge leaders should stop being too political and should accept being corrected”, said Saidi, “Leaders of Kyenjojo District should also come on radio and give accountability because people are in a poor state”, said Halera.  

The live radio discussion was moderated by Mr. Mukonyezi Wilfred.

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