Monday, 27 January 2014

Analyzing government planning and budgeting in eradicating malaria in Uganda.

“There are people who are prone to malaria parasites. However, malaria is highly killing young children, pregnant mothers and even causing abortions among pregnant women. Government is releasing billions of money to prevent malaria through installing enough drugs in hospitals, setting up health centers at sub county level and parish level, and giving out mosquito nets”, said Joshua Kagaba, District Councilor in Kabarole District.

Mr. Kagaba highlighted this on 18th January 2014 during the ‘Orukurato Program’ a 2hour weekly radio program that discusses issues of accountability every Saturday (08:00-10:00pm) on HITS FM that is sponsored by ToroDev.
Use of mosquito nets to prevent malaria

During the program, Mr. Kagaba also went ahead to  indicate how the Ugandan government had supplied mosquito nets all over the country to different households as a way of formulating measures to fight malaria. “In Kabarole District, we registered 556106(five hundred fifty six thousand, one hundred and six) people who received nets, 128732(one hundred twenty eight thousand, seven hundred and thirty two) were children, 13860(thirteen thousand, eight hundred and sixty) were pregnant women. This number will also help us to plan as a district”.
The live radio discussion was also attended by Mr. Kwezi Edward a local citizen from Kiko Town Council in Ruteete Sub County, Kabarole District who highlighted the challenges faced during the exercise of giving out mosquito nets. “The nets were short, sensitization to the local citizens about the use of the nets was not done, and there was also improper distribution of the nets since other homes did not get”.
Meanwhile, Mr. Kagaba appealed to the local leaders and citizens to embrace malaria prevention measures. “I appeal to local leaders and citizens to practice malaria prevention measures such as clearing bushes, closing windows early evening, clearing potholes filled with stagnant water around homes and sleeping under mosquito nets. We should also stop being political by criticizing every achievement made by the government ,but rather encourage sensitization”.
Local listeners also participated in the live radio discussion through call ins to raise their issues and concerns. “Government should have provided immunization vaccines rather than supplying mosquito nets”, said Nyangoma from Kabale, “Mosquito nets are good but people have not been sensitized about them”, said a caller from Mpara, “Doesn’t the medicine in the nets have any effect to the people”, asked Lubega from Mbarara.
The live radio discussion was moderated by Mr. Kasigazi Willy Donanto.

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