Monday, 5 August 2013

Rwenzori MPs boss gives accountability on rural industrialisation

The Chairperson of the Rwenzori Region parliamentary caucus, Hon. Alex Ruhunda has indicated that the Uganda government is putting in place appropriate policies to ensure the development of small scale rural industries especially targeting the agricultural sector to improve household incomes.

“Industrialisation is a priority by the government of Uganda because of the appropriate policies being put in place for instance more focus on science subjects in schools. Government has also given priority to the development of vocational institutes at every sub county in the country.” Said Hon. Ruhunda.

The Rwenzori Region, Western Uganda which is made up of the seven districts of Kabarole, Ntoroko, Bundibugyo, Kasese, Kamwenge, Kyegegwa and Kyenjojo is pre-dominantly an agricultural area with majority of the population either involved in crop growing or animal rearing especially cattle.

Hon. Alex Ruhunda
Hon. Ruhunda who is also the MP for Fort Portal Municipality, Kabarole district also indicated that the government is also supporting the development of rural industrial parks to attract both local and foreign investors to develop industries in the rural areas.

Hon. Alex made the remarks while appearing on the ‘Orukurato’ live radio discussions on Hits FM held on 3rd July, 2013 under the topic, “Promoting rural industrialisation for improved livelihoods. What are the government plans? What’s the role of the local citizens? Other panellists on the discussions were Johnstone Baguma (Executive Director ToroDev) and Hon. Businge Prosper (District Councillor Fort Portal Municipality).

Hon. Businge appealed to the government to embrace the policies of the Asian Tigers like China, Singapore and South Korea which used industries to develop, “Uganda should embrace Asian Tigers in setting up appropriate policies to spur rural industrialisation.” Said Hon. Businge.

Hon. Businge adds, “Agriculture and tourism are the backbone of Uganda’s economy. Therefore, we need big budget allocations to know that government is giving them priority. We also need to fight corruption because a lot of money is wasted.”

Mr. Baguma emphasised more commitment from the leaders to ensure the growth of rural industries, “the leadership has a bigger role to play to ensure industrial development through making appropriate laws and policies. There is also need for commitment from leaders to make follow-ups and ensure that the policies are implemented.” Said Mr. Baguma.

Local citizens who participated in the discussions through call-ins and SMS appealed to the government to reduce on the administrative expenditure to enable the availability of funds to promote rural industrialisation, “our leaders have failed the development of this country. They spend all our money in salaries and allowances.” Said Mugisa Vicent, a caller from Kyegegwa District.

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