Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Online platforms improve participation of local citizens on radio

Mentors of Guide Radio FM in Kasese District have been able to use online platforms especially facebook and Ushahidi to engage with the local citizens and the local leaders discussing governance and service delivery issues for improved advocacy.

“I opened up a platform called Rwenzururu Discussion Board that allows people to post issues concerning their community. Such issues are followed up and later aired on radio.” Said Thembo Kahunge a radio mentor at Guide Radio in Kasese District.

Thembo adds, “Every day after news reading in the morning, I also air out any evidenced accountability issue that the community posts on the platform and allow a discussion with the community in form of call-ins and using the SMS to raise any comments and concerns about the issue.”

Radio mentors were trained by ToroDev in early 2013 in online advocacy to improve public accountability broadcasting. They were also trained in using local FM radio stations as a hub to converge all information for improved service delivery advocacy in the Rwenzori Region.  

More on the discussion platform follow this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/nokasesesplit/?ref=br_tf 

L-R: ToroDev Staff (Kogere Recheal) with Thembo Kahungu 

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