Tuesday, 15 August 2017

ToroDev in partnership with Rwenzori Rural and Urban Development organization (RUDO-UGANDA) carried out monitoring exercise to find out the state of service delivery in Education, Health and Economic development sectors in Karangura Sub County.

Rwenzori Rural and Urban Development organization (RUDO-UGANDA)  operates in  7  sub counties of  Bukuku, Kichwamba, Katebwa , Kabonera , Harugongo, Karago, and  Karangura  with a network of 2- member organizations  spread in the 7 mentioned sub counties focusing on Human rights,  good governance, education, health and economic development as key focus areas.

In the month of June RUDO with support from ToroDev visited Mahyoro P.S, Nyakitokoli P.S, MT Gessi P.S, Nyarukamba P.S under the education sector, Nyakitokoli HCII under health sector and under economic development visited families that benefited from Operation Wealth Creation program in Karangura sub county.  

The main concern of the field exercise was to know the status of service delivery in the selected schools, health centre and in economic development programs so as to present the finding to duty bearers during accountability meetings and petitions and also use the findings to lobby and advocate using physical platforms and other ICT tools like radios to improve service delivery.  
As outputs, Four (4) schools, one (1)   health centre II and some families that benefited from operation wealth creation programs were visited also way forward set to address the key challenges identified from the three (3) sectors.

There are some key findings discovered including; SMC & PTA are not all active and this has caused poor planning, monitoring and accountability in the visited schools, Minimal absenteeism of teachers and ability to give assignment to learners and mark it. ‘’In Mahyoro p/s because we have been following them as a forum, there is improved participation of community members in supporting schools programs because they have been sensitized and empowered by the radio talk shows and other platforms supported by civil society’’, said Vincent Kule RUDO-Uganda  chairperson.  There is a big gap discovered at MT Gessi P.S where out of seven (7) members of staff non is female hence making it difficult to handle issues of the girl child.
In Nyakitokoli HC11 staff absenteeism is high, there are no enough drugs, the health unit does not receive PHC funds to help the health unit with community program like immunization, there is a nurse patient ratio of 1:1000, no beds, kitchen, washing room, laboratory etc at the health centre. On operation wealth creation (OWC) plans, budgets and priorities are imposed on the farmers , the farmers have no bargaining powers , farmers do not participate  in planning processes, funds allocated and released  are not shown to farmers, extension workers do not reached farmers to equip them with farming skills , late supply of seeds, inadequate supply and the distribution criteria is influenced by politics.

 Among the outcomes, on 5th/7/2017 a community engagement meeting  with local leaders was organized by RUDO in partnership with ToroDev and KRC where district duty bearers were hosted to address key findings discovered during the field activity carried out by RUDO.“We organized a meeting and called district chairperson Kabarole, RDC, DHO, LCIII and district and sub county councilors   to address the findings discovered. We are happy that change has already taken place for example at Nyakitokoli HCII where old staffs were known to be off duty daily, new staffs have been brought and introduced before the community members, construction of the road to ease movement of people and goods  and the Health centre has been upgraded to a HC III from II”,  Said Kule Vincent forum leader.

Action plans and recommendations’ were brought up in that meeting especially supply of enough drugs to handle the big numbers of patients who come to seek for health services at Nyakitokoli HC11, increasing incomes of community members by mobilizing them to benefit from OWC and also recruiting other health workers who can handle patients are some of the issues which RUDO forum is following up.
We take this opportunity to thank SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, and CIPESA for the financial and technical support.

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