Friday, 21 July 2017

Bunyangabu District Interim Chairperson Calls for Teamwork

Bunyangabu district became operational effective 1st July, 2017 being the fourth district to be carved out of Kabarole district. On 3rd July the electoral commission officials together with an interim district council were at the district headquarters in Kibiito to elect an interim district chairperson from among the members of the council by secret ballot as established in accordance with section 180, 182 & 186 of the Local Government Act CAP 243.
Hon. Musinguzi Peter participating in electing the Interim Government at Kibiito
Two candidates vied for the interim district chairperson, out of the thirteen (13) councilors who make an interim district council. Hon. Musinguzi Peter who has been the secretary for finance in Kabarole district council defeated Hon. Moses Ikagobya who has been the district vice chairperson for two (2) terms by getting eight (8) votes while Hon. Ikagobya got five (5) votes.
Hon. Musinguzi was hosted alongside his vice Hon. Remegious Turyahebwa and Hon. Kato Hussein on ToroDev’s supported ‘Orukurato’ program that is aired live every Saturday 8-10pm on Hits Fm on 8th July, 2017  to share his plans for the people of Bunyangabu district.
Hon. Musinguzi Peter during his swearing in as Bunyangabu district Interim Chairperson
Hon. Musinguzi pledged to unite the district political team with the technical team at all levels to improve service delivery. He showed it that they will among other key sectors improve education in the district, health, water and electricity which are in sorry state using the district budget for the financial year 2017/18. 

‘’Our people in Nyakatabazi, Kakoga & Kajumiro are suffering a lot to access safe and clean water, we promise to build the water tank at Nyakatabazi to supply all other areas/villages within the district’’, said Hon. Musinguzi Peter.

He further added that in education sector, the government has already allocated funds for the construction of Katebwa high school which has been a presidential pledge for some years and we believe this will improve on some of the challenges in education like children walking long distances to access education and also supplementing on the government policy of having a secondary school in every sub county. He promised to mobilize and support the youth in groups to make them more productive, increase their incomes and reduce unemployment in the district.

Together with his vice chairperson they called for teamwork among duty bearers including all development partners if the district is to succeed in improving service delivery for the people of Bunyangabu and promised to consult citizens such that community priority needs can always be integrated in the district budget.

The two hours live radio discussion had participation of listeners through phone calls & Sms; ‘’We thank the interim chairman for showing commitment to work for the people of Bunyangabu and we request him to first work on increasing the number of health workers at Kibiito HC IV due to the bigger number of In-patients and out patients attended to and now that it is the biggest health facility we have as a district’’, said Mr. Kamara Paul a caller from Kasunganyanja in Bunyangabu district, ‘’Issues of the youth should be taken as priority by the new district leadership because programs like Youth livelihood program have not benefited us as they would have’’, said Mr. Tumwine  from Rwimi town council through an Sms, ‘’we people of Bukara have suffered with water issues for a good time, we request Mr. Musinguzi and his executive to think about us because our children and wives have suffered a lot’’, said Mr. Magezi Polly a caller from Bukara in Kasunganyanja, Bunyangabu district.

We take this opportunity to thank SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, and CIPESA for the financial and technical support and all our other development partners for the collaboration.


  1. Bunyangabu BDDI Youth YS


    a) Increase understanding of the growing importance of, and greater potential
    for, youth participation in our district development practice specifically for
    sports, soccer and tourism and policy makers.
    b) Provide some initial practical guidance to assist youth, sports, soccer,tourism agencies and policy makers to work more effectively with and for young people.

    " We must fulfil our obligations to youth. !e World Programme of Action for Youth asks Governments to consider the contributions of young persons on all policies affecting them. Governments must honour this commitment.They must also increase the financial, education and technical support made available to young people- It is high time that we stopped viewing our young people as part of the problem and started cultivating their promise and potential.” Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General, International Youth Day 2007