Thursday, 9 February 2017

Kabarole district Woman Member of Parliament calls government to construct science laboratories & support vocational skills training to improve the education sector

The Kabarole Woman Member of Parliament Hon. Sylvia Rwabwogo has called upon parents, families & guardians to positively support education of their children both at home and at school. She said when schools and families work together, children do better and stay in schools longer and this positively influences the child’s education outcomes, we need to be active as parents and caregivers if we are to reduce on the number of failures in secondary schools in Rwenzori Region & Uganda as a whole.

Hon. Sylvia Rwabwogo said these while appearing live on ToroDev supported weekly radio program “Orukurato” on 4th February, 2017 which program is aired live every Saturday 8-10pm on Hits Fm. Hon. Sylvia further said that our country is still facing challenges on attaining the policy of having a secondary school in every sub county something that has made children move long distances to access education which to some extent has affected their performance. ‘’We have many schools without science laboratories and our children have failed to compete with those schools that are well equipped with laboratories, I do appeal to the ministry of Education to construct science laboratories in schools where they are lacking to improve on the performance of science subjects for our children which are marketable in Uganda today’’, said Hon. Slyvia Rwabwogo. Government through the ministry of education should be strict on school inspectors to improve on teacher’s supervision hence reducing absenteeism of teachers and students.

Hon. Slyvia Rwabwogo Woman Member of parliament Kabarole district
While commenting on the operation wealth creation; a government program to increase income at household level Hon. Slyvia said the program has not achieved it’s intended objectives and called upon officials heading it to involve experts who will teach local farmers modern farming methods and also urged government to consult the beneficiaries whenever they are to supply them with seed which should be quantity, quality & timely. Mr. Kyaligonza emphasized the need to guide farmers on seasons of planting and also asked government to create avenues where farmers can sell their products at a profit.

During the two hours live discussion listeners participated through call-ins and sms platforms; about 30 people called in. ‘’ Government need to construct science laboratories in most schools and also support vocational skills training in the country to improve performance of science subjects which will make our children job creators not job seekers in future’’, said Robert Mugume  a caller from Buhesi in Kabarole district, ‘’As parents we need to improve on how we are fulfilling our roles and responsibilities especially supporting our children to access education& supervising them to improve in their performances’’, said Margret Kobugabe a caller from Kabende in Kabarole district, ‘’the government should put in place close supervision to students and teachers in order  to reduce school drop-out & absenteeism of teachers in order to improve education performances in our schools’’,  said Francis Asaba a caller from Kihura in Kyenjojo district.

 We are grateful to SIDA, NED, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, CIPESA & all other development partners for the financial and technical support to run these programs.

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