Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Nderema Grand Association Advocacy forum monitoring health services

Nderema Grand Association Advocacy Forum was initiated by ToroDev to advocate for improved service delivery & to sensitize communities on good governance & accountability in Kyegegwa district. In partnership with ToroDev since 2013, the forum has been monitoring health services in the district to strengthen the voices of local citizens for improved health service delivery & accountability.

About 86% of communicable diseases in the district are as a result of poor hygiene among the communities being triggered by limited access to safe water which is evidenced by having the safe and clean water coverage in the district at 37%. Most schools, health centres including Kyegegwa health centre IV lack access to safe and clean water, a problem which has extended to patients and caregivers walking long distances to access water. Mothers who deliver at the health centre take a day or two without washing their beddings and the newborn babies which exposes them to danger of acquiring infections.
Mothers admitted at the Maternity ward at Kyegegwa Health center IV

The health centre IV has installed tanks but they lack gutters to harvest water and have broken taps which makes the health facilities like latrines not cleaned on a daily basis as it is required because of water shortage.

A non functional water tank with no gutters & tap on one of the health center buildings
Nderema Grand Association from it’s monthly meetings being supported by ToroDev have further identified the problems and plans to repair the taps, provide gutters to harvest water, sensitize citizens including the health centre management on the importance of keeping health facilities clean to solve the problem of communicable diseases which can actually be prevented in the district.

Advocacy forum members in a meeting with district health officials
''We thank ToroDev for the continued support towards improving the health conditions in the district and we pledge as a forum to continue doing health advocacy and to communicate the outcomes to the district leadership using physical meetings and other social media platforms to improve hygiene and reduce communicable diseases in the district’’, said Mr. Nduhura Phenahans the  coordinator of Nderema Grand Association Advocacy forum. 
''As a forum we aim at improving health services, water & sanitation, planning and budgeting through advocacy and in  collaboration with local leaders for better health services in the district'', said Bosco Tumusiime, forum member.

The monthly meetings are held with support from ToroDev, SIDA, NED, CIPESA, SPIDER, and Nderema grand association advocacy. We thank all the development partners for the support.

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