Thursday, 28 April 2016

Radio talkshows have helped in information sharing , ensuring accountability and supporting democratic space for improved service delivery in 7 districts of the Rwenzori sub-region.

ToroDev partners with three local radio stations that is Hits Fm which broadcasts Orukurato talkshow every Saturday (08:00pm-10:00pm), Jubilee radio, every Sunday on Listeners Forum from (08:00 to 10:00) and  KRC FM, Manya Ekiragiro Kyawe  every Wednesday from (08:00 to 10:00) with an aim of  using radio talkshows for  public accountability for improved service delivery in Rwenzori Region,  Western Uganda and Supporting a democratic space to improve public service delivery through 2015/6 general elections in Uganda.   

The rural FM radio stations in the region remain the major source of information for community development in the Rwenzori region and therefore, remain the most accessed and cheaper information and knowledge sharing media platform thus need to be heavily improved to ensure business development in the region.

For the past 6 years ToroDev has been partnering with over 16 local radio stations under (Rwenzori journalist forum) especially with moderators who host accountability talkshows on each radio station.  Several trainings   of moderators have been done to ensure that they successfully hold quality debates with the duty bearers and follow up issues discussed on radio for improved service delivery. 

Shiela Amanya M & E Officer ToroDev during an Evaluation Talkshow
There has been an increased participation of duty bearers giving accountability for improved service delivery, an increased participation of local citizen both women and men engaging leaders in giving accountability on each single talkshow over 30-40 people from the 7 districts call in and send Sms during and after the talkshow contributing to the debate and sharing issues of service delivery”. Said Kazigazi Williams the moderator of Orukurato talkshow on Hits Fm.

 Kasigazi added that local citizens have been  empowered with information and knowledge to demand  for public accountability for improved service delivery, there has been improved  information sharing  from different stake holders, including  the entrepreneurs, bankers, head teachers and proprietors of schools  lawyers, business men and women ,this information is gathered and shared with the CSOs- district forums  initiated by ToroDev  for  lobbying, planning , budgeting and advocacy for improved  service delivery.

The talk shows have brought duty bearers live on air to give accountability to people, they  have helped the community to demand for better services for their communities,  over 30 local citizens participate through call-ins  this forces the leaders to  act faster in solving issues of service delivery”. Said Mukonyezi Wilfred the moderator of Listeners forum on Jubilee during evaluation talkshow on 24th / April 2016  

Winfred Mukonyezi Abooki the Moderator  Listeners' Forum program on Jubilee Radio
The construction of the road is going on in Harugongo subcounty after making lots of complaints on the radios, leaders fear to hear the same issues discussed over and over on radio they act as faster as possible, when we continue sharing our issues on radios change will be seen in all sectors.” Said Abdullah Baguma a caller  from Harugongo in, Kabarole District, during the evaluation talkshow on Hits Fm on 23rd/ April 2016.

Mukonyezi  added a big number of women’ issues are heard on radios through rural debates which ToroDev conducts once in a month  and  the elections were well conducted  due to   massive sensitization through radio talkshows. The elections were violence free in the districts of Kabarole, Kyenjojo, Kyegegwa , and Kamwenge apart from the other three districts where there was tribal issues after elections.

There has been a percentage increase in understanding of citizen rights & responsibilities from 40%in 2011  before the talkshows were introduced to- 80% in 2016. The talk shows have created a platform to marginalized population/ groups of women and youth to know their rights, responsibilities and lobby for improved service delivery from their political and local leaders”. Said Julius, a caller from Kyarusozi Sub County in Kyenjojo district

There has been a bigger percentage increase in  giving  accountability by the local and political leaders, civil society leaders and technocrats  as a result of the talk shows , the talkshows have provided a plat form to provide public accountability for improved service delivery”. Said Jane Kahuma from Katembe , Kyenjojo District during the evaluation talkshow on Hits Fm. 

ICT tools especially the use of FM radio stations have helped to improve accountability, monitoring service delivery and citizen participation in governance. ‘’Radio programs have empowered local citizens with information and knowledge to demand for public accountability and lobby for improved service delivery, the live talkshows have even opened the eyes of women who used to be very shy,but now women are brave enough to also call in and courageously ask for better services and share their problems with their leaders, leaders who have been reporting to offices late are exposed and they have changed’’. Said Mugarra Peter  a caller from Kyegegwa district.

Leaders eyes have been opened by the radio talk shows, those who have not been active have been awakened by the local citizens who attend the talk show and campaign against the sleeping leaders. “The talk shows have awakened the inactive leaders to check themselves and start working”. Said Mukwano Senyonjo  caller from Mugusu during the evaluation talkshow on Jubille radio.

The live radio programs are proudly sponsored by ToroDev in partnership with SIDA, NED, DRT, CIPESA, SPIDER, ICT4DEM, Jubilee radio and Hits Fm.

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