Thursday, 13 August 2015

People of Nyabatahi Village in Mugusu Sub county, Kabarole district have a reason to smile after their borehole is repaired

A group of people representing Nyabatahi village kiboha parish Mugusu sub county Kabarole district on 29th June 2015 went and met the management of Uganda Red cross Society (URCS) Fort Portal branch who once constructed a borehole that lasted eight (8) months leading to the suffering of over 130 households in search of safe and clean water.The group was led by the chairperson of people’s Rights & Forum for Development based in Mugusu sub county & supported by ToroDev Mr. Ssenyonjo Mukwano, among the group was the chairperson LC1 for Nyabatahi village Mr. Ampaire John, Mr. Kusemererwa Sam the forum publicity secretary, Mr. Rusoke Sada, Mrs. Byaruhanga Jane & Mr. Asiimwe John, all local citizens among others.

Mr. Balyebuga Stephen the mechanic repairing the borehole as village members look on

Children and other village members witnessing the repair of their bore hole

''As members of people’s Rights & forum for development that is supported by ToroDev since 2013 with objectives of demanding for better services in our community, holding leaders accountable, lobbying, promoting, protecting &defending people’s rights, we convened a community meeting that resolved to meet the management of Uganda cross Society (URCS). When we met the URCS management, we were asked to look for funds to transport the mechanic and pay his labour for repairs and that Uganda Red cross Society as an organization will provide spare parts.  As a forum and in company of other community members we lobbed from an aspiring candidate one Mr. Businge John who accepted to facilitate the mechanic. After receiving the funds, we went back to URCS, picked spare parts and the mechanic Mr. Balyebuga Stephen who was in company of Mr. Buzale Geofrey an official from URCS Fort Portal branch to Nyabatahi village to have the borehole repaired'' said Mr. Kusemererwa Sam the publicity of the forum.

A community member collecting water from the repaired borehole

''As a forum, we engage, motivate & mentor others to lobby and advocate for better services in their areas in an organized form in order to yield positive results, now the borehole is repaired and our people have a reason to smile because they can now access safe & clean water’’,said Mr. Ssenyonjo Mukwano the chairperson of the forum.

Mr. Ssenyonjo Mukwano the Forum chairperson  ( yellow shirt) and Mr. Balyebuga Stephen the mechanic
( with a spanner) and other community members

''We thank Uganda Red cross Society for the support  and ToroDev for initiating the forums inour areas, our children now have been eased of the long distances to collect water from the swamp which water was not even safe for us to use,with the water source committee chaired byMr. Rusoke Sada in place, we shall protect the borehole to serve us for a longer period of time’’, said Mrs. Byaruhanga Jane, a member of Nyabatahi village in Mugusu sub county Kabarole district.
Mrs Byaruhanga (blue t-shirt) with other members including the chairperson water source committee Mr. Rusoke Sada  ( black T-shirt) cleaning the borehole

The above advocacy work has been supported by ToroDev through the citizen’s advocacy forum in Mugusu sub county Kabarole district and this reflects the strengths & relevancy of organized citizen forums in the community.

As of today, ToroDev has supported the initiation of 15 advocacy forum groups in the 7 districts of operation in Rwenzori sub region, western Uganda.

We are grateful to SIDA, NED, DRT, SPIDER and many other organizations for the financial and technical support.

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