Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Kabarole District Chairperson Hon. Rwabuhinga Richard gives Accountability during the Accountability Conference held on 29th May 2015.

Hon. Rwabuhinga Richard
Kabarole district organized accountability conference on 29th May 2015; the conference was attended by hundreds of people, who included the local, political, religious, cultural leaders, representatives from NGO and men and women from Kabarole District. The theme for the conference was ‘’Kabarole District on the Road towards Prosperity’’.

Prosperity has been a journey characterized by a number of success stories as well as hardships but with funds from public resources, central government, and local revenue and support from development partners, we were able to achieve in a number of sectors like providing safe and clean water to Magunga Mugusu sub country Kabarole district, constructing different roads in Kicwamba, Hakibale, Kisomoro etc“.  Said the chairperson local council V for Kabarole district Hon. Rwabuhinga Richard

There has been  a great improvement in Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) performance for example 422  grade ones in 2010 to 1439 grade ones in 2014, in production the district has increased Bananas  from 63 tons per week in 2003 to 4 410 tons in 2013/2014, on the road sector the district has managed to maintain 255 kms and rehabilitating a total of 149.8km of community access roads, more maternity centers have been opened both in public and private sector, supervised deliveries in the district stand at 68% in FY 2013/14 above the national target of 65% and the TB treatment success rate is now at 86% from 74% (national target is at 85%) and cure rate is at 69% from 43% in 2011 plus extension of Mugusu Gravity Flow Scheme to Katurru & Bubandi villages, Kicwamba Gravity Flow Scheme to Buharra ‘A’, Buharra ‘B’, Magunga & Kahondo villages under the water sector”. Said the chairperson local council V for Kabarole district Hon. Rwabuhinga Richard

Hon Rwabuhinga added that there are challenges that all hospitals, health centre IV, III and some health centre II in Kabarole district face, which may include few health workers, few trained medical doctors, few laboratories etc. There are about 4 CD4 machines in various health facilities, few trained health workers to do routine counseling & testing (RCT) and Kabarole District HIV/AIDS prevalence rate has remained high at 11.3% compared to national prevalence of 7.3% but we are trying to educate the youth to abstain and use condoms.

In his 2 hours  40 minutes address to the district Members of parliament, district executive committee members, district councilors, chief administrative officer, heads of departments and staff, development partners, faith based organization & religious leaders, sub county chairpersons, parish chairpersons & village chairpersons, Hon. Rwabuhinga showed it that the district received funds equivalent to  Ugshs. 122.252.448.284 (one hundred twenty two billions two hundred fifty two millions four hundred forty eight thousand two hundred eighty four shillings) for service delivery under various sectors for the last 4 years (2011-2014).

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