Friday, 24 April 2015

Political leaders have failed to fulfill the pledges they made to the people of Mwenge North, Kyenjojo District.

 Myeri- Katooke  road
On 19th April 2015, the chairperson of Katooke Peoples Forum Mr. Muzoora Godwin was hosted live on Better Fm during the listener’ forum to discuss about political leaders failing to fulfill the pledges they made. “Political leaders like the member of parliament Mwenge North Hon Muhumuza David pledged to construct several roads like Myeri- Katooke Road, Kinogero road, Nyakisi road, Katooke- Kyenjojo road etc but nothing  serious like construction or renovation has taken place since he came in power, we still have the muddy roads, full of pot holes and very impassable if you move to Myeri- Katooke  now you can see what  I am talking about”.  Said Mr Muzoora Godwin
Godwin added the road from Rubango-Kibaale- Kakangeyo to Misenyi in Katooke Sub County, Kyenjojo district, the contract was awarded to the water engineer of Kyenjojo district local government. He together with his contractors opened the road and stopped before finishing  the work, then went to Kisojo where he was to work on Kisojo- B - road, Misenyi then to Kanabisa bridge in Rwamukora, he did not finish the work and actually did nothing

Our leaders are supposed to monitor the work done by the constructors and they should try to fulfill the pledges they made as much as possible at least 70% during the term of office”. Said Katusabe Grace the caller from, Kyenjojo District. 
"Education in Katooke  has not been a priority with this ruling government there is a big gap in education system, the standard has failed to improve E.g Mukole, Iboroga and Rwamukora Primary schools were very good schools 8 years back  but as we talk when you reach there, one cannot believe the state the schools are in, the pupil teacher ratio is alarming not forgetting the congestion in classrooms which actually cannot yield positive result”. Said  Mugume Amos, a caller from Katooke Sub county   
 There is need to put more efforts in improving the education standards, get more building  to reduce congestion  and get more  trained teachers. As people of Katooke there is nothing we have benefited in these 5 years in-terms of improved service delivery”. Said Mr. Muzoora Godwin.

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