Tuesday, 18 February 2014

“We have a lot of corruption and selfishness among our leaders”, Ategeka Chris

On 9th February 2014, local citizens appeared on Better FM to discuss the performance of the education sector in their different Sub Counties. “We have a lot of corruption and selfishness among our local leaders and that’s why our education system is lagging behind.  This has also caused other challenges like strikes by teachers due to poor and delayed salary payments, poor monitoring of schools by the local leaders like the inspectors of schools yet they are funded, politicizing government programs like Universal Primary Education for personal mutual benefits, among others”, said Ategeka Chris, the coordinator of Rwenzori Youths Leaders Forum.

The local citizen was discussing on ToroDev supported radio discussion on Better FM called “The Listeners Forum”. The two hour radio program discusses issues of accountability every Sunday (8:00 – 10pm).

Education minister Jessica Alupo
Other panelists who participated in the live radio discussion included Mr. Yahaya Abubakari a local citizen of Karugutu Town Council in Ntoroko District, Mr. James Bond a teacher of Kamengo Primary School in East Division Fort Portal Municipality, Mr. Mukwano Ssenyonjo the Chairperson of People’s Rights and Forum for Development in Mugusu Sub County, Kabarole District and Mr. Amanyire John Kasweta  the Chairperson of Committed Citizens for Better Services in Hakibale Sub County, Kabarole District.

During the discussion, Mr. Yahaya indicated how lack of dedication within the local leaders has affected the performance of the education sector. “Local leaders have failed to concentrate on developing the education sector by forming better policies and implementing them. They have also mixed politics in the education system by influencing head teachers to appoint inappropriate people so as to meet their own mutual benefits”.

Other panelists participated in the live radio discussion by indicating how the performance of the education sector had improved in their sub counties. “Our schools have been performing poorly in the past years. An improvement has been realized this year with 40 pupils coming in first grade” said Kasweta, “In Mugusu Sub County, schools achieved more first grades compared to the past years, such schools include Magunga, Kaboyo, Mugusu Primary Schools, among others”.

Meanwhile, Mr. James Bond appealed to the local leaders to stop politicizing public services. “Local leaders should stop bringing politics into public services because it affects proper service delivery and also causes sufferings to the local people”.

Local listeners also participated in the live radio discussion through call ins to raise their issues and concerns.  “The disqualified results of Hakibaale schools are caused by the local leaders’ political interference”, said Kahwa Livingstone from Hakibaale Sub County, “Ugandan leaders should stop selfishness”, said Mugara Fred from Kyenjojo District, “I hate leaders who bring politics into education”, said Ayebale Gerald from Mugusu Sub County.

The live radio discussion was moderated by Mr. Mukonyezi Wilfred.

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