Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Rural monitors continue to lobby for improved services in their Sub Counties

As a way of motivating, encouraging, strengthening and empowering the Advocacy forums and rural monitors, ToroDev has been communicating on Phone and using online (Facebook, Skype and email) tools to assess the performance and weaknesses of the Advocacy Forums and rural monitors.

The Rural monitors of Bufunjo Sub County, Kyenjojo District have followed up the issue of fencing Bufunjo Health Center III by using radio discussions. The Fencing of the Bufunjo health center 111 has commenced but our worry is that the quality of the fence is not the best because the metal poles have started falling within a short period of time which shows shoddy work is being done, but as rural monitors we have already identified this issue and the leaders have been informed’’ said Tibeha John Bosco, the secretary of Bufunjo People’s Forum in Bufunjo Sub County, Kyenjojo District.
Bufunjo Health Center III
Rural monitors of Ntoroko District have also followed up the issue of the poor education sector in the district. “As Rural monitors we have been monitoring the education sector in the sub county of Rwebisengo and we found out that education is still badly off in Rwebisengo S.S , the school has few  qualified teachers  and it’s a government aided school” Said Swizen, a member of Ntoroko Citizens Concern in Ntoroko District. 

Meanwhile, some roads in Kyegegwa District have been worked on and maintained due to the monitoring activities of the rural monitors. “Roads have been worked on and well maintained like Miru -Musanji -Kwantampora Migamba Road, Kwantamora, Kibale , kakabara Road, and Nyakatoma –Kyesega in Mpara Sub county, Kyegegwa District”, Said Alinde Joseph, a rural monitor in Mpara Sub County. 
Mpara Road under construction

According to Mukwano Ssenyonjo of People’s Rights and Forum for Development in Mugusu Sub County, NAADS has contributed to the modernization of the agricultural sector. “Through NAADS, agriculture has increased total factor productivity of both the land and labour for the benefit of the farmers. However the rich have benefited more than the poor, and those with enough land, big farms and organized groups have benefited more”.

In conclusion, there is also need to conduct more sensitization/accountability meetings with members of the rural advocacy forums/rural monitors to empower them with more skills to skillfully engage with their local leaders for improved service delivery.

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